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Nature’s Lighting Effects of Beauty







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A Little Cool Yule from Miss M


The Divine Miss M sings "Cool Yule" from her holiday album, "Cool Yule".

More Bumper Wisdom


  • If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0!
  • Driver carries no cash. He's married.
  • All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy.
  • Karaoke bars combine two of the nation's greatest evils: people who shouldn't drink with people who shouldn't sing.
  • Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
  • Watch out for the idiot behind me.
  • I drive far too fast to worry about cholesterol!
  • Honk if you hate peace and quiet.
  • I have the body of a god. Buddha.
  • In case of rapture, can I have your car?

Movie Review ... Paranormal Activity 4


paranormal-activity-4-movie-posterEvidence some viewers are gluttons for punishment is seen in Paranormal Activity 4.  Another entry in the cheaply made ‘techno-horror’ series, fans have ensured it has made buckets of cash.  Profit doesn’t equal quality however as this effort is just as lazy as the others.  Featuring multiple cameras and a cast of unknowns screaming in front of them, the only scary moment is the thought another in this dull series surfacing.

Katie (Katie Featherston) is still possessed by the demon plaguing her.  After kidnapping baby Hunter, she moves into a new neighbourhood.  There she meets Alice (Kathryn Newton) and her family.  When Katie is taken ill, Hunter is given to Alice’s family to look after.  Trouble begins brewing as the evil Katie ensures Alice lives in a state of pure hell until he is brought back into her care.

The best one can say about this outing is it’s much better than its predecessors.  Unfortunately that’s only faint praise as its concept is also its main drawback.  Using cameras to capture the spooky carry-on is ok for a short while but expanded to feature length proceedings drag.  The aimed-for scary atmosphere quickly vanishes once the film drifts into a well of monotonous repetition.  The lack of any soundtrack drags things down with the performances and plot becoming as lifeless as the movie’s demons.

Saving it from being as abysmal as the others is the use of humour and vaguely interesting story.  Occasionally there are some scares although you have to look hard for them.  Most are the same parlour tricks used in previous instalments with opening doors and falling debris a particular favourite.  Some new thrills are added ensuring audience pay attention although it’s a shame horror movies like these have once again damned an already mocked genre.

The Paranormal Activity franchise has its fans who will undoubtedly queue for this entry.  Others should steer clear of this inexpensive farrago continually in search of a spine to shiver.


Movie Review Rating out of 10:  3

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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Cool Images 08 December







A Very Special Christmas 25 Years



A superb Christmas series that has over the years brought some of the best and the different in Christmas seasonal music. Enjoy this 25th year celebratory release.

Track Listing:

1. Train – Joy To The World
2. Grayson Sanders & Jono Feat. L – Something In The Air
3. Jewel – Angels We Have Heard On High
4. Michael Buble – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
5. Jordin Sparks – Do You Hear What I Hear?
6. Cheap Trick – I Want You For Christmas
7. Rascal Flatts – Mary, Did You Know?
8. Wonder Girls – Best Christmas Ever
9. Amy Grant – Tennessee Christmas
10. OneRepublic – Christmas Without You
11. Vince Gill – Breath Of Heaven (Mary’s Song)
12. Martina McBride – Please Come Home For Christmas
13. Jason Mraz – Winter Wonderland
14. Francesca Battistelli – December 25
15. Dave Matthews Band – Christmas Song
16. Christina Aguilera – Oh Holy Night
17. No Doubt – Oi To The World
18. Vanessa Williams – What Child Is This? (Live)
19. Eric Clapton – Christmas Tears (Live)
20. Sheryl Crow – Run Rudolph Run
21. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Christmas All Over Again

A Brigitte Bardot Moment






Brigitte Bardot

Trivia Bits 08 December


  • The Ural Mountains separate the continents of Europe and Asia.
  • The centre of the target in archery is coloured gold.
  • In fiction it was Black Beauty who lived in the stables at Birtwick Hall.
  • The Eye of the Tiger was the theme song of Rocky III.
  • In the Olympic sport of boxing the wearing of a beard is permitted.
  • Mark Twain, noted US author, described in1895 that the Victorian town of Maryborough in Australia as a “railway station with a town attached”.
  • The Torres Islander flag is composed of the colours green, blue, black and white.
  • Oslo is the capital of Norway. Founded around 1048 by King Harald III, the city was elevated to a bishopric in 1070 and a capital under Haakon V around 1300.
  • Orange blossom is the fruit tree flower that is traditionally used to decorate a bride. The blossom is regarded as good luck and as a wedding tradition can be traced back to the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
  • The Children’s book In the Night Kitchen was written in 1970 by Maurice Sendak.

Madonna and Child



Madonna of the Cave by Andrea Mantegna approx 1845

Gallery: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy

Menus – Vintage Style







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Geological Wonders ... The Stone Forest


Tsinzhi du Bemaraha 0087

Reserve Tsinzhi du Bemaraha in Madagascar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place where you can see the Stone Forest. The Stone Forest consists of a high and broad diffuse limestone, covering an area of ​​666 km ², being similar to the limestone towers. Locals warn that this is the place where you can not walk barefoot, because the terrain is quite steep.The Stone forest inhabited by unique species of animals such as white lemur.

Tsinzhi du Bemaraha 0034

Tsinzhi du Bemaraha 0084

Tsinzhi du Bemaraha 0098

Tsinzhi du Bemaraha 0065

Craftsmanship of Sculptors


Arc de Triumph (detail), Paris

Head of the young Bacchus

The Baroque Balconies of Noto, Sicily 002



Just For Fun 07 December





Movie Review ... To Rome With Love


to-rome-with-love-movie-poster-2012Every year a new Woody Allen movie arrives to the adulation of his fans.  Although usually having lots of laughs, the director’s work has always managed to engage and intrigue.  Whilst having some amazing locations, his latest sadly has little of the witty humour for which he is renowned.  Blending four stories examining fame, desire and personality, his ode to a gorgeous city shows annual outings can sometimes stymie genuine creativity.

Living amongst the daily hustle and bustle of Rome, four groups of people find their lives transformed.  Among them are Leopoldo (Roberto Benigni), Jerry (Woody Allen), Phyllis (Judy Davis) and Anna (Penelope Cruz).  All attempt to deal with the various tribulations thrown their way.  As the Italian city’s lights dim the drama kicks into gear as the unique personalities aim to restore order in their scattered lives.

‘To Rome with Love’ is a very mixed bag.  Whilst attempting to ground the comedy in some type of reality, Allen’s use of fantastical elements negate this.  He’s used fantasy to further his stories several times but doesn’t work due to the script’s contrived nature and forced humour.  Hardly any situation is believable with the charm and whimsy Allen appears determined to convey never materialising.  The stories don’t particularly amount to much despite the work of a fine cast.

It’s a shame Allen’s direction and self-penned screenplay is unfocussed as there are some good laughs within.  Unfortunately there are too few of them with the cinematography becoming a welcome distraction.  The city streets look suitably lush and opulent, mirroring the sometimes grandiose adventures its inhabitants have.  Generally there’s a feel Allen is on auto-pilot with this venture – as if he had such a great time making it he forgot to tell an engrossing story.

Lacklustre and uninspired ‘To Rome with Love’ is rather unmemorable.  Although any Allen comedy is better than some of today’s commercially driven dross, hopefully his next movie will see him lift his game higher than seen here.


Movie Review Rating  5 / 10

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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Madonna and Child



Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ by James Tissot 1886

This item is part of the Brooklyn Museum collection

More Actual Newspaper Headlines!


  • Supreme Court Rules that Murderers shall not be Electrocuted Twice for the Same Crime
  • Deaf Mute Gets New Hearing in Killing
  • Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
  • House Passes Gas Tax Onto Senate
  • Two Convicts Evade Noose, Jury Hung
  • Police Found Safe Under Blanket
  • William Kelly Was Fed Secretary
  • Milk Drinkers are Turning to Powder
  • Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted
  • Quarter of a Million Chinese Live on Water

A Bobby Darin Moment







Cee Lo Green - CeeLo's Magic Moment

CeeLo's Magic Moment

Cee Lo Green promises his Christmas album is "the real deal." Green has stated that the album, Cee Lo's Magic Moment, is a "soulful take on a host of Christmas classics."
Among the tunes on the Elektra Records album are "Silent Night," "The Christmas Song," "This Christmas," "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" and "White Christmas."
Rod Stewart, B.o.B. and Straight No Chaser are among the featured artists.
Track Listing:

01 What Christmas Means to Me

02 Baby It's Cold Outside (feat. Christina Aguilera)

03 This Christmas

04 The Christmas Song

05 White Christmas

06 All I Need Is Love (feat. The Muppets)

07 You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (feat. Straight No Chaser)

08 Please Come Home for Christmas

09 Run Rudolph Run

10 All I Want for Christmas

11 Mary, Did You Know?

12 River

13 Merry Christmas, Baby (feat. Rod Stewart & Trombone Shorty)

14 Silent Night