Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Patrick Moore’s Best & Worst Movies for 2012



2012 will be remembered as the year independently minded film-makers finally took over Hollywood. With some of the year’s most successful films guided by those steadfastly thinking outside the cinematic square, they delivered crowd-pleasing productions with genuine depth. Their success was an interesting counter-point against the usual array of commercial movies failing to set the box-office alight. Hopefully 2013 sees further gains with traditional block-busters having some intelligence. Elsewhere independent cinema continued to flourish with some works delivered by exciting new talents.

So to this year’s best and worst – which ones made the grade and which need another spell in the naughty corner…


10. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

tinker tailor soldier spy

9. The Artist


8. My Week with Marilyn


7. The Avengers

6. Lawless


5. Argo


4. The Descendants

3. Magic Mike


2. Hugo


1. The Dark Knight Rises


What I said then: “It is sad thinking this is the end of Nolan’s take on the caped crusader but we should be thankful for the respect he’s shown the character. He’s made a high calibre superhero movie series which will be difficult to top from the many imitators it will influence in years to come.”

What I say now: Christopher Nolan’s amazing finish to a fantastic trilogy delivered what fans wanted while having something to say about today’s society. Full of action, excitement, drama – this one had it all and was the most memorable commercial block-buster of the year.

Honourable mentions: The Muppets, Hope Springs, Skyfall, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


10. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island


9. The Lucky One


8. A Few Best Men


7. Mental


6. Paranormal Activity 4


5. John Carter


4. The Dictator


3. Killer Elite


2. Gone

gone poster

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2


What I said then: “With news the series may live on after this ‘final’ chapter, one should heed this cinematic threat. Its producers seem more than happy to milk this cash-cow for all its worth although hopefully its maligned stars can rest in peace even if this franchise doesn’t.”

What I say now: Choosing to make a fast dollar than something of substance, the Twilight franchise will be remembered as a typical example of Hollywood’s ability to make a series out of truly nothing.

Dishonourable mentions: Red Dawn, Any Questions for Ben?, 21 Jump Street, Rock of Ages.

That’s it for another movie-going year. May everyone enjoy a safe and happy Christmas and may 2013 be a lucky one for you all. Until next time – thanks for reading!


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Newtown Elegy



(Steven Cravis - "Children of Beslan")


Newtown, Connecticut

December 14, 2012

your children are not coming home

ever again

there are no words
only the language of sobs and tears
can begin to express the shattering grief

the massacre of children
unfathomable sorrow, suffering and pain

the lives of twenty beautiful little kids
between the ages of six and seven years old
along with six caring adults were cut down
the lives they could have lived cut short
their dreams, hopes, and promise
the lives of their families and friends

how can anyone recover?

the only answer that comes
to weep together
hold tight to each other
reach out to those in pain
emanating more and more Love
together, supporting each other
Loving one another is the way through


my broken Heart, Love and Prayers
go out to the victims of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut
and to their families, friends, and community
and to all victims of violence everywhere around the world.


Newtown, Connecticut
another town placed upon a list
that should never exist

Newtown, Connecticut - 2012
Wenshu Township, China - 2012
Portland, Oregon - 2012
Aurora, Colorado - 2012
Ut√łya, Norway - 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2011
Tuscon, Arizona - 2011
Winnenden, Germany - 2009
Virginia Tech University - 2007
Beslan, Russia - 2004
Columbine, Colorado - 1999
Jonesboro, Arkansas - 1998
Montreal, Canada - 1998
Dunblane, Scotland - 1996

and so many, far too many more