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Movie Review ... Carrie

CarriePoster2Author Stephen King has had numerous films made of his work.  One of the masters of horror fiction, his grisly tales has generated movies of varying quality.  Some have been remade for new audiences, of which ‘Carrie’ is the latest.  A ‘re-imagining’ of King’s book which was previously directed by Brian De Palma who turned his 1976 version into a hit.  It’s unclear whether this new adaptation will endure as it slavishly copies what has already been done so well.
Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz) is a shy teenager desperately wanting to fit in.  Difficult to do due to her overbearing and fanatically religious mother Margaret (Julianne Moore), it seems Carrie social ideals are doomed.  Confused as to why she is developing strange telekinetic powers, she tries to control them.  When pushed too far all hell breaks loose with her enemies witnessing the full might of her fury.
Despite a rocky start, ‘Carrie’ version 2 settles into its own groove.  Whilst it copies much from De Palma’s classic film, the expected pyrotechnics and themes gain interest.  How the concept of bullying has changed since King’s tome was first published is shown with use of electronic devices.  These instruments of emotional torture further make Carrie’s life an ordeal along with the zealous rants of her disturbed mother.  This emotional maelstrom develops into a wretched blood-bath which is effectively laid bare in a furiously bloody finale.
Its ultimate success isn’t initially seen.  The performances border on caricature with Moore’s role in particular eliciting mirth than horror.  Nor was there any reason for Moretz to resemble Sissy Spacek from the original movie, even if she eventually finds her own voice.  The early plot establishment receives short shrift in Carrie’s attempt to race to its admittedly very exciting conclusion.  More scenes featuring Carrie’s plight at the hands of her abusers may have aided in increasing impact although what transpires is reasonably acceptable.
Although unsubtle in its handling of King’s tome, ‘Carrie’ isn’t a complete disaster.  Better than most remakes it has enough of its own energy to differentiate itself from its forebear with its horrific elements sure to jangle jaded nerves.
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Movie Review Rating out of 10:  5

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