Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trivia Bits 16 April


  • Having a visual disability of retinitis pigmentosa, a heredity disease she was diagnosed with when she was four years old, Rachel Henderson, a 2012 Australian Paralympic goalball player, represented South Australia in swimming and athletics but gave up both sports in 2010 to pursue goalball.
  • If a dessert says la mode, it means that it is served with ice cream.
  • In the Transformers movies Shia LaBouf plays the character of Sam Witwicky initially a social outcast who unintentionally buys Bumblebee as his first car unbeknown to him being a Transformer.
  • The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the largest airport in the African country of Kenya.
  • The Indian Ocean surrounds the island of Madagascar which is the coast of Southeast Africa.
  • A rip entry is associated with the sport of diving with the technique so named because if executed properly on a head first entry into the water, it sounds like someone has ripped a piece of paper and the water looks as if it is boiling as air bubbles rise to the surface.
  • The 1994 children’s novella One Day at Horrorland was written by R L Stine.
  • Canals in Thailand are called khlongs and are spawned by the Chao Phraya, the Tha Chin, the Mae Klong Rivers and their tributaries being used for transportation and for floating markets, also for sewage.
  • The seventh largest country in total area in the world is India.
  • Spanish painter José Cruz Herrera, born 1890 and given the birth name of José Maria Remigio, worked in Casablanca for much of his life, where he was a prolific painter of scenes of Moroccan everyday life.

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