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Movie Review ... Gone Girl


Gone Girl posterDavid Fincher is unafraid of exploring dark places.  Director of movies such as ‘Seven’, ‘Fight Club’ and ‘The Game’, his bleak visions have revealed a fearless craftsman.  His outstanding success is highlighted as few current directors go the extra mile in pursuing their unique viewpoints.

‘Gone Girl’ proves David’s shadowy tenacity in conjuring thought-provoking thrills laced with visceral danger remains intact.

Nick (Ben Affleck) is looking forward to his fifth wedding anniversary to Amy (Rosamund Pike).  Whilst their relationship has been stormy, he hopes the milestone will shed new life into their union.  Amy suddenly vanishes and Nick reports her disappearance.  Initially believed by authorities, their suspicions are aroused by Nick’s strange behaviour.  Uncovering a web of lies and revelations, Nick’s friendly demeanour soon crumbles.  With the net slowly tightening, Nick’s future looks as black as his accuser’s dark scowls.

‘Gone Girl’ defies description.  To tell more of its plot would ruin many and genuine surprises.  Making for an engrossing experience, the multiple twists and turns literally make for edge of the seat viewing.  From Fincher’s astute direction to Affleck’s and Pike’s amazing performances, hardly a false note is registered.  The tension between their characters is very believable with the reactions of those around them adding to the authenticity.

Within its thriller confines ‘Gone Girl’ explores issues such as media manipulation and how opinions are often mistaken for facts.  With cameras and uninformed hosts blaring down on the couple, the pressure-cooker atmosphere increases.  This makes ‘Gone Girl’ memorable as it’s about something than just a conventional yarn.  You wouldn’t expect any less from Fincher who keeps the atmosphere percolating until the unexpected finale.

One of his best films out of a great career, ‘Gone Girl’ is one of Fincher’s most daring projects.  Consistently insightful and engaging, it’s a cinematic oasis amidst a barren sea of recent celluloid mediocrity.


Movie Review Rating out of 10:  9

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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