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Trivia Bits 17 March



In children’s fiction, Noddy (pictured) was a taxi driver and is a character created by English children's author Enid Blyton, originally published between 1949 and 1963.

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is built on the Torrens River and is the only city in Australia entirely surrounded by parklands with white sandy beaches and the seas of Gulf St Vincent to the west and has a strong sense of history portrayed in its well preserved 'low rise' heritage buildings, churches and Edwardian mansions, some of which have been converted into tourist accommodation.

On 19 October 1872, The Holtermann Nugget was the largest recorded specimen of gold ever found, 1.5 meters (59 inches) long, weighing 286 kg (630 pounds), in Hill End, near Bathurst, New South Wales, with an estimated gold content of 5000 ounces (57 kg). A larger find was made by the same men, but was broken up soon after being brought to the surface without being photographed.

Located on the northern coast of the Black Sea, Crimea is an autonomous region of the Ukraine whose constitution was adopted on October 21, 1998.

The town and refugee camp of Khan Dannun in Syria was originally a basalt caravanserai built by the Mamluk governor of Damascus in 1376.

Cashmere is a fibre obtained from Cashmere goats and other types of goat with common usage defining the fibre as a wool but in fact it is a hair, and this is what gives it its unique characteristics as compared to sheep's wool.

Adopted on 18 October 1817, the square on the flag of Chile is coloured blue and consists of two unequal horizontal bands of white and red and a blue square the same height as the white band in the canton, which bears a white five-pointed star in the centre.

The planet Earth is not included in the English composer Gustav Holst’s orchestral work The Planets written between 1914 and 1916 with each movement of the suite named after a planet of the Solar System and its corresponding astrological character as defined by Holst.

The first member of the Beatles to be born was Ringo Starr, born Richard Starkey on 7 July 1940 in Liverpool, England.

French entertainer François Dominique Séraphin developed and popularised shadow plays in 18th-century France and after moving to Paris, Séraphin performed his shows at the newly opened Palais-Royal from 8 September 1784 often with French Royalty in the audience.

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