Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trivia Bits 23 July



A slide whistle also known as a swanee or swanee whistle (pictured), piston flute or jazz flute is a wind instrument consisting of a fipple like a recorder's and a tube with a piston in it and dates back at least to the 1840s, when it was manufactured by the Distin family and featured in their concerts in England.

Alexander Selkirk was travelling on the British galleon Cinque Ports when he was abandoned on the uninhabited Pacific island of Juan Fernández in 1704 and that his tale inspired the story of Robinson Crusoe, a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published on 25 April 1719.

Ulan Bator is the capital and the largest city of Mongolia and was founded in 1639 as a movable (nomadic) Buddhist monastic centre.

Italian mathematician Guido Castelnuovo secretly taught geometry to Jewish students during World War II.

Erato is the music that accompanies erotic poetry and is usually represented by a lyre and is named after Erato the Muse of lyric poetry, especially love and erotic poetry.

With a magnitude of 7.9 to 8.0 on the Richter scale and an intensity of up to VIII on the Mercalli scale, the 1970 Ancash earthquake and the landslide that followed killed over 54,000 people and was the worst natural disaster ever recorded in the history of Peru.

A bartender's announcement that customers may order one more drink before the bar closes is known as the last call.

Nine years after the 1968 Belice earthquake sequence struck western Sicily, 60,000 refugees were still living in temporary accommodation.

The Larkin Administration Building designed in 1904 by Frank Lloyd Wright was the first entirely air-conditioned modern office building on record and was located at 680 Seneca St in Buffalo, New York.

Oscar Hammerstein teamed up with Richard Rodgers to write the songs for the 1959 Broadway musical The Sound of Music with the original Broadway production, starring Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel, opening on November 16, 1959.

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