Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trivia Bits 09 September


The Blue Boy Thomas Gainsborough

The Blue Boy was painted circa 1770 and is a full-length portrait in oil by Thomas Gainsborough, now in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California and is thought to be a portrait of Jonathan Buttall (1752–1805), the son of a wealthy hardware merchant.

For the first time 3G services were used in India to announce the election result for the Andhra Pradesh by-elections in 2012.

Metastaseis is a 1954 orchestral work for 61 musicians by Greek-French composer, music theorist, and architect-engineer Iannis Xenakis who became especially known for his musical research in the field of computer-assisted composition, for which he founded the Equipe de Mathématique et Automatique Musicales (EMAMu) in 1966.

Winning the medal count at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games was the USA with a tally of 93 medals.

As of April 4, 2015, Polish mixed martial artist Joanna Jedrzejczyk became UFC women’s champion in the strawweight division.

Standing 13.6 m (44 ft) tall on its cubical white marble socle, the fluted Corinthian Column of Phocas, erected in 608 to flatter the Eastern Roman Emperor Phocas, was the very last addition made to the Roman Forum.

The term given to the holes in a block of Swiss cheese is eyes, and Swiss cheese without eyes is known as blind with the terms also applying to cheeses of this style made outside Switzerland, such as Jarlsberg cheese, which originates in Norway.

Change of venue is the legal term for moving a jury trial away from a location where a fair and impartial jury may not be possible due to widespread publicity about a crime and/or the defendant.

Announced by Jacques Schneider, a financier, balloonist and aircraft enthusiast, in 1912, The Schneider Trophy was awarded for seaplane racing with an offered a prize of approximately £1,000 and was held twelve times between 1913 and 1931.

The lightest weight of line used in the production of ruled paper is described as feint.

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