Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trivia Bits 17 September



Found in many mountainous temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including parts of France, Portugal, Spain, North America, and much of Central Europe, oak moss (pictured) is a type of lichen used extensively in modern perfumery.

Beginning and ending each sequence with the call sets in order is the activity of Square Dancing.

The generic name for a personal name, used along with a password, when signing in to a computer or website is called a username.

First described by German naturalist Heinrich Kuhl in 1820, the Long-billed Corella is native to Australia and is mostly white, with a reddish-pink face and forehead, and has a long pale beak, which is used to dig for roots and seeds.

In July 2012, English rock band Status Quo signed and advertising deal and reworked the lyrics to their popular song Down Down to create a 3-minute promotional song for the Australian supermarket chain Coles.

The England football squad for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico contained two players called Gary Stevens.

An endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12-mile-long (16–19 km) military-style obstacle courses, Tough Mudder, originated in the USA on May 2, 2010 at Bear Creek Ski Resort near Allentown, PA and with promotion exclusively through Facebook advertising and word of mouth, the event drew more than 4,500 participants.

Shikoku, one of Japan’s four main islands, has the lowest population.

Playing the well-known Hollywood director George Bissinger in the 1973 American romantic drama film The Way We Were was American television, stage and film actor Patrick O’Neal.

A short work of prose fiction written in 1819 by John William Polidori, The Vampyre was a short novel first published on April 1, 1819 in parts in the New Monthly Magazine with the false attribution "A Tale by Lord Byron"

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