Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trivia Bits 17 October


Sixto Rodriguez 

2012 Swedish–British documentary film of a South African cultural phenomenon Searching for Sugar Man is about whether the rumoured death of American musician Sixto Rodriguez (pictured) was true and, if not, to discover what had become of him.

Man of the World was a 1962 - 1963 British television drama series starring Craig Stevens as a world-renowned photographer, Michael Strait, with the series' theme music by Henry Mancini.

Austrian-born American Arnold Schwarzenegger was first elected the 38th Governor of California in 2003 with Schwarzenegger dubbed the "Governator", referring to The Terminator movies, and "The Running Man" (the name of another one of his films), and calling the election the recall election from Total Recall.

The term Cicisbei refers to legal and generally respected companions and often lovers of married women in eighteenth-century Italy especially amongst the nobility and often with the knowledge and consent of the husband.

American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh is credited with having discovered the dwarf planet of Pluto in 1930 with the first object to be discovered in what would later be identified as the Kuiper belt.

Noted for its bilby breeding programme, the Currawinya National Park is near Hungerford in South West Queensland 828 km west of Brisbane.

Northern Exposure is an American television series that ran from 1990 to 1995, with a total of 110 episodes dealing with a New York physician, Dr. Joel Fleischman played by American actor Rob Morrow, who is sent to practice in the (fictional) town of Cicely, Alaska. Early episodes dealt with Fleischman's culture shock in the small town and as he became acclimated, more attention was paid to the town's quirky residents.

From Latin ablutere to wash off, ablutophobia is the persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning.

The second human spaceflight mission in the United States Apollo space program, Apollo 8 Mission launched on December 21, 1968 was the first to orbit the moon.

According to the Old Testament, Kind David’s favourite son was Absalom, described as the most handsome man in the kingdom, killed Amnon for raping his sister Tamar.

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