Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trivia Bits 20 October


 Marie Curie 09

The first woman to win two Nobel Prizes was Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist Marie Curie (pictured) who in December 1903 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics and in 1911 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Australian novelist, playwright and author of non-fiction Thomas Keneally’s novel Schlinder’s Ark, the Booker Prize-winning novel of 1982, was adapted by Steven Spielberg into the 1993 movie Schlinder’s List winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.

First marketed in 1899 as a powder Bayer® Aspirin was the first drug ever to be marketed in tablet form which by 1900 was being compressed into a water-soluble tablet.

The main ingredient in the Italian dish pesce crudo is seafood with "pesce crudo" meaning "raw fish”.

Collaborative studio album by American rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West the album Watch the Throne on August 8, 2011 and the album produced seven singles, including the international hits Otis, Niggas in Paris, and No Church in the Wild, which all received music videos.

Running along the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon, The Astoria Riverfront Trolley uses a 1913 trolley car acquired from an art museum in Texas.

Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre stars as Julia Shumway an investigative reporter who becomes romantically involved with Barbie, played by Mike Vogel, an Iraq War veteran visiting Chester's Mill in the 2013 premiered American science-fiction drama television series Under the Dome based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

In 2012, Australian Master Chef contestant, Callum Hann, released the cook book The Starter Kitchen.

In the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland, Kellie Castle in Scotland dates back to 1150 and it is rumoured that the 5th Earl of Kellie hid there in a burnt-out tree stump for the entire summer following the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

Borog, Pigna and Trevi are districts in the Italian city of Rome.

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