Sunday, March 13, 2016

Movie Review … Deadpool

There have been so many superhero films recently it is hard to keep up.  Whether this glut will impact box office profits remains to be seen.  In the meantime, yet another is wheeled out for adoring fans.  Thankfully ‘Deadpool’ is more fun than most.  First appearing in a spin-off from the Marvel X-Men comic book series, Deadpool has gained a huge following. Quirkier than other heroes, his flair for action and quips ensure his adventures are never less than scintillating.

Desperate to cure his cancer, former special-forces operative Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) takes part in an experiment.  Leaving him with heightened powers and a twisted, unstable mind, he soon renames himself Deadpool.  Using his skills and new abilities, he aims to avenge the wrongs against him.  One of his targets is evil scientist Francis (Ed Skrein), whose wickedness is no match for Deadpool’s witticisms and heroic acrobatics.

Debutant director Tim Miller gives ‘Deadpool’ much of its kinetic energy. Energetic it certainly is as it never lets up from its first dazzling frame.  Unlike his more earnest brethren, Deadpool is a hero living on the edge and determined to enjoy his heroics. While his actions are very violent and sometimes shocking, his intentions are clear with the villains easily hiss-able.  The rhythm and stylised direction make ‘Deadpool’ an unpredictably enjoyable ride perfectly capturing its comic-book origins.

Reynolds is undoubtedly the star of the show grabbing the role with gusto.  Long a contender to play the character, he makes Deadpool an easy hero to like with his everyday persona equally sympathetic.  Much ado may be made about the violence and language but it is refreshing watching a film unafraid in going full throttle.  Deadpool exists in a nasty world with evil baddies but the package is done entertainingly well with the CGI and action first-rate.

If you only see a few superhero films a year then ‘Deadpool’ is worth the dollars.  Delivering on its promise of tons of thrills and quirky spills, it zips along at a furious pace.  Not playing it safe can work sometimes as ‘Deadpool’ proves and hopefully more will follow his consistently diverting, oddball style.

Movie Review Rating out of 10:  8

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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