Saturday, May 13, 2017

Movie Review … Snatched

Goldie Hawn makes a long-awaited return to movie screens with ‘Snatched’.  Utilising her comedic skills to good effect, it’s nice seeing her again.  Roles for ladies of a ‘certain age’ are scarce in the youth-obsessed industry that is Hollywood with dozens of great actresses falling by the wayside.  Hawn has bided her time to settle on a comeback.  ‘Snatched’ ably fits the bill.  Her gift for raising laughs has remained undimmed proving why audiences have enjoyed her work over the years.

Emily (Amy Schumer) is looking forward to a vacation to a glorious paradise with her boyfriend. When he dumps her on the eve of their travels, she decides to invite her mother Linda (Goldie Hawn).  Complete opposites with Emily’s carefree ways an anathema to Linda’s careful demeanour.  Whilst working through their differences, they are kidnapped.  Jungle escapades, wicked thieves and mayhem ensure as mother and daughter partake in an unusual bonding session.

Without Goldie Hawn’s presence ‘Snatched’ would be totally forgettable. Predictable and prone to toilet humour for laughs, it goes for easy cheap gags than crafting anything witty.  Descending to the gutter is simple – working at creating genuine mirth takes talent.  There’s not much here as Emily and Linda go from one ridiculous scenario to the next. Their escapades get more outlandish, robbing the narrative of believability.  Hawn and Schumer make for a good team even if the script falls apart quicker than the quipped lines.

‘Snatched’ falls apart mostly due to poor editing.  Scenes change so fast you wonder how characters got from A to B.  Jonathan Levine’s pedestrian direction goes through the motions without much flair or originality.  The plot has been seen many times before with only the leads’ chemistry and sharp comic timing making it watchable.  The tropical setting looks nice and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been much of a hardship to accept a movie shot in paradise.

If you’re after easy, if crude, laughs then ‘Snatched’ is for you.  There’s an audience for simplistic humour where brain cells aren’t taxed.  Hawn still looks great and hopefully with a better story it won’t be too long before she graces screens again.

Movie Review Rating out of 10:  5

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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