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megamind-movie-poster-1020556389 It always seems strange whenever animated films boast about their impressive voice cast.  Whilst their rich tones would be welcome, their stories are always more important.  Many recent efforts have forgotten this with Megamind somewhat joining this fray.  Although full of the rich colour making these films so good, its’ vocal and visual splendour comes unstuck due to a heavy-handed screenplay diluting its potential for high flying entertainment.



Metro City is famed for its hero Metro Man.  Constantly battling against the dastardly Megamind, he’s the man everyone looks up to.  When Megamind actually defeats and kills him, Metro City’s citizens’ wonders what will happen next.  So does Megamind as he gradually becomes bored without his pearly white nemesis to fight.  Hatching a plan to construct a new hero to battle – Titan – he unknowingly begins a journey towards the right side of the law as his new creation holds the city to ransom.


With a script constantly highlighting issues of ‘be what you want’ and ‘be careful what you wish for’, Megamind’s soapbox style preaching saps much of its energy.  The colourful characters are all in place and some of its humour works pretty well but never fully embraces these fun aspects.  Such films should deliver exciting tales not stern lectures although it provides interest when examining the inter-changeable nature of heroism and villainy.


Even if the story isn’t that flash the animation is superb.  Vibrant and packed with life, it looks amazing – especially when viewed in 3-D.  Whilst most recent movies in this format have been awful, the 3-D works brilliantly in this instance and proves animation is the formats’ natural home.  If only the story packed as much punch as the visuals Megamind would have been great, although it’s enjoyable seeing how many superhero clichés it ticks off as it creaks to its drawn out conclusion.


Did the voice cast make a difference with Megamind?  Not really – showing that nothing can work unless the writing is up to scratch.  Unfortunately it isn’t in this case, although its’ great images and some nice knowing humour make for a passable time out for undemanding small and big heroes alike.


Movie Review Rating  5  /  10

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

Megamind released in Australia on Thursday 9 December 2010.

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