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In 1955 television audiences watched as four sisters, sixteen-year-old Dianne (Dee Dee), fourteen-year-old Peggy, twelve-year-old Kathy, and nine-year-old Janet Lennon, The Lennon Sisters, made their television debut on The Lawrence Welk Show, singing an a cappella version of "He". America fell in love with these four little girls and their sweet, innocent, and angelic voices, and The Lennon Sisters became regulars on The Lawrence Welk Show, performing on his show every Saturday night for the next thirteen years.

Recorded in 1959 this is the Sister's first Christmas recording and one they have fond memories of. The lovely cover photo of the fresh-faced teens in velvet red dresses is of the age of when "Little Janet" singing "I Saw Mama Kissin Santa Claus" was a highlight of the legendary Lawrence Welk Christmas shows. "Winter Wonderland" was one of the very first songs the girls sang for Welk at a charity event and which led to their later frequent appearances on his show. This reissue is a classic and adds a wonderful touch of nostaligia to the season.

9329870 …. on Wing Mercury Records
9329852re-issued on Ranwood

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