Monday, October 28, 2013

Trivia Bits 28 October


  • Canada declared national beauty contests cancelled as of 1992, claiming they were degrading to women.
  • The alleged assassin of John F Kennedy was Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • The fictional character Robert Langdon from Dan Brown's novels was said to wear a Mickey Mouse watch as a reminder "to stay young at heart."
  • Odds and Ends are odd bits, scraps, remnants and fragments.
  • In the Noddy books by Enid Blyton the milkman was Mr Milko.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan, best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile worked as a bodyguard for people like Will Smith prior to making it in acting.
  • The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is rusting as the rocks are oxidizing, in effect, rusting.
  • Severnaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Russian high Arctic, was the last archipelago on Earth to be discovered after being charted in 1930-1932.
  • Margaret Mitchell’s book Gone with the Wind was first published in 1936.
  • Pagophagia is a craving to eat ice.

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