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A bridge was needed to be built to allow visitors to cross over the moat of the historical attraction, but the architects found it strange to create a bridge over the canal of a defensive fortification, especially because the bridge needed to be built on the side where traditionally the enemy was expected. Therefore, the architects created a bridge that from a distance is invisible, and has less impact on the historical nature of the fortress than a typical bridge would.


In the world it is accepted that the reconstruction of historical monuments and architecture doesn’t introduce anything new in them, and only recreates the old items created by the masters of past centuries. Therefore, when working on the defensive fort of the 17th century Fort De Roovere in the Dutch province of North Barabant architects are faced with the impossibility of creating a bridge across the moat – it violates the integrity of historic buildings. However, after much thought, it was found a truly elegant solution to this problem. And there was a bridge Moses Bridge.


The design of this unusual structure has created an architectural company Ro & Ad Architecten. They came up with the idea of ​​creating a bridge that will cut the surface water ditch, walking around the perimeter of the fort Fort De Roovere.


As a result, appeared Moses Bridge, which goes under the water to a depth of about one meter. But, nevertheless, it is completely dry from the inside – the design is made up of modernized timber held acetylation. As expected, this material will last for over 50 years.


As is the case with the bridge path in the woods, appeared this year in Tallinn Kadriorg Park, Moses Bridge has become almost the main attraction of the object in which it is located. And if you had not so many people rode to see Fort De Roovere, but now there a lot of tourists flock. First of all, to see one of the most unusual bridges in the world – the bridge that caused the waters were divided.


Moses Bridge was recognized by the Association of Dutch Architects best structure of 2011. Also included is the construction of a short list of finalists for Dutch Design Awards 2011.



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  1. Simpley an amazing sense of architectural beauty and amazment - walking in water! HHakim