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Liberty Bell

Words by Joe Goodwin
Music by Halsey K. Mohr
Copyright: 1917 by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co
Format: large
Original retail price: 15¢
Cover art by Barbelle shows Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross sewing American flag.

According to the advertising on the back this is:
"A REAL American song written on a subject that appeals to all. Not a WAR SONG but a tribute to the emblem that is sacred to ev'ry true American heart. It has all the earmarks of a quick and decided success."

On the back cover is also a large advertisement for "Long Boy."

Also available in band and orchestra versions and for male quartette. Also on all phonograph records and music rolls.


Verse 1:
You have rested, Liberty Bell,
For a hundred years and more,
End your slumber, Liberty Bell,
Ring as you did before,
It's time to wake 'em up,
It's time to shake 'em up,
It's a cause worth ringing for:

Liberty Bell, It's time to ring again,
Liberty Bell, It's time to swing again.
We're in the same sort of fix
We were in Seventy-six
And we are ready to mix and rally round you
Like we did before, Oh!
Liberty Bell, Your voice is needed no,
Liberty Bell, We'll hear your call one and all.
Though you're old and there's a crack in you
Don't forget Old Glory's backin' you, Oh!
Liberty Bell, it's time to ring again.

Verse 2:
Once you rang out, Liberty Bell,
As we watched Old Glory wave,
You have made us, Liberty Bell,
Land of the free and brave.
It's time to sing again,
It's time to ring again
For the cause you've got to save:

(Repeat Chorus)

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