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Movie Review ... Oblivion


Oblivion-Movie-Stills-4Graphic novels are almost the film industry equivalent of concept drawings.  With action and characters coming to life without the aid of cameras, it helps readers establish settings and personas.  This is a big reason why animated books have readily been adapted by cinema recently as technology catches up with the paper fantasy.  ‘Oblivion’ takes its cue from the genre with its page origins transplanting well to the big screen.

In the late 21st century ex-marine commander Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) nears the end of his mission.  Tasked with obtaining valuable resources after an alien invasion previously destroyed Earth, he looks forward to going home. With the remaining populace living in cities among the clouds, his existence is shattered when a rouge ship crashes.  Its’ inhabitant, Julia (Olga Kurylenko), reveals a life-changing secret placing Jack in mortal danger.

‘Oblivion’ dazzles in its rich CGI.  It’s easy seeing where its mega-budget went as the spectacular scenery almost over-whelms the story.  This is perhaps where ‘Oblivion’ falters as whilst the special effects are fantastic, its tale is very familiar.  Borrowing from well-worn sci-fi genre staples, it fails to add anything new.  Its plot twists are ones keen observers would see a mile-off with the lack of emotional depth creating a cold dis-connect.

Tom Cruise dons his ‘action-hero’ persona once again with ease.  He knows the routine by now having starred in a slew of science fiction block-busters.  His workman-like performance is agreeable and he shows genuine chemistry with Kurylenko who gives the best performance in her multi-layered role.  The spectre of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ looms large in terms of tone which occasionally uncomfortably sits with the requisite explosive action scenes. 

Science Fiction fanatics should enjoy ‘Oblivion’ even if it isn’t particularly memorable.  More could have been done with the characters although its attempts in transporting the original novel’s animated ideas succeed with its fantastical visuals.


Movie Review Rating out of 10:  6

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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