Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peter Pan’s Moat Brae House Needs Renovation



Vital restoration work at the house and garden which inspired JM Barrie to write Peter Pan is to be the recipient of a £100,000 appeal launched by Joanna Lumley.

The Windows Appeal to restore the 39 windows seeks to help ensure Moat Brae House in Dumfries is wind and watertight as.

Joanna has also given strong support to the appeal which is part of wider £4m plans to convert the building into a centre for children's literature.

"The idea that this old and beautiful house can be saved and become a children's literature centre for Scotland, welcoming in children from all over the UK and the world, is just brilliant.”

"When I heard about it, it was just like Tinker Bell had gone 'ping' on my head with her wand - it seemed such a wonderful idea."

"Peter Pan came in through the windows, and the children followed him out through the windows," she said. "There is something very special about windows as the link between this world and the magical one of Peter Pan. The idea that you can sponsor a window and have your very own link with Neverland is wonderful."

Moat Brae House was saved just three days before the bulldozers were due to demolish it.

JM Barrie's inspiration for Peter Pan is an exciting and universal slice of heritage, and it is hoped the public responds generously to the restoration of Moat Brae House.

moat brae house

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