Friday, April 20, 2012




Harry Potter author JK Rowling announced this weekend that the interactive website based on her beloved children's books is now open to the public. The site, known as Pottermore, launched officially on Saturday after a short period of being open to just a select few Potter fans. According to a press release by the site, new users to Pottermore will be administered in a steady stream in an attempt to avoid overloading the site.

Upon successfully completing registration, fans will be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses and be selected by a magical wand. The site is said to feature an additional 18,000 words worth of material by the millionaire author, including greater descriptions of characters, objects and locations featured in the fantasy world.

When Pottermore was announced last June it was coupled with the declaration that the entire series of novels would be available to download as e-books for the first time. Released electronically in March, the e-books generated sales of over $1.5m (£0.94m) in just three days.

Those eager to sign up to Pottermore, for all things 'boy wizard' related, can do so here.


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